Why Waey

We have expertise in developing effecting Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for Construction (CEMP), Operation (OEMP) and Decommissioning (DEMP).

Environmental Management Plan

The primary objective of the EMP is to provide information to the Authority on a proposed/existing activity within the regional or local framework. An EMP is essentially a plan that details the proposed risks your business may pose to the environment and how those impacts may be alleviated and managed to be environmentally acceptable and an operational guideline in the event of an environmental incident.

How it benefits your business

EMPs are often required as part of tendering for projects and are essential for some types of government related projects.

EMPs are valuable tools to:

  • – Define details of who, where, what, and when the environmental management and mitigation measures are to be executed
  • – Provide legal bodies and company and their contractors, developers, and other stakeholders better on-site environment management control over the life of a project
  • – Allow the project to ensure their contractors fulfill environmental obligations on their behalf and demonstrate due diligence

What we offer

Waey can assist with helping businesses develop an effective EMP in line with the ISO 14001 EMS guidelines and includes the organization structure, resources, responsibilities, control and mitigation measures, monitoring/auditing programs, systems for review and implementation of corrective actions.

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