Environmental Management Plan

Why Waey We have expertise in developing effecting Environmental Management Plans (EMP) for Construction (CEMP), Operation (OEMP) and Decommissioning (DEMP). Environmental Management Plan The primary objective of the EMP is to provide information to the Authority on a proposed/existing activity … Continued

Environmental Social Governance

Why Waey We have expertise in compliance review, data handling advisory, report preparation and effective communications. Our team of ESG Consultants has experience in environmental protection and sustainable development, such as IFC & World Bank Guidelines, GRI Standards, health and … Continued

Green Building Consulting

Why Waey? We have a team with rich technical background in Civil and Environmental engineering and has experience with LEED reporting strategies. Our members are skilled in Building Performance Analysis, Design Builder, HAP and Ecotect Software tools. We have a … Continued

Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health

Why Waey Waey’s greatest asset is our team of experienced and qualified industrial hygienists that includes Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), and Industrial Hygiene field staff with related college degrees. Our CIH’s have a minimum of 10 … Continued

Audit Gap Analysis

Why Waey Our Auditing teams are with Experienced Professionals and are Certified Auditors with more than 15 years of experience in the field of audit – Lead Auditors for ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 Audit Gap Analysis A gap … Continued

GHG and Carbon Accounting

Why Waey In Waey, the emissions accounting is based on international standards, such as the GHG (Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard) and ISO 14064-1: 2012 (UNE). GHG and Carbon Foot Printing Carbon footprint represents the total volume of greenhouse … Continued

Life Cycle Assessment

Why Waey Waey has a team with a diverse technical background who has experience with all major LCA methodologies and software. We have broad experience in LCA, used for comparisons, Environmental Product Declarations, and more. Life Cycle Assessment Life Cycle … Continued