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Waey environmental consultancy and trading is a Qatari company with the aim of bringing environmental and sustainability solution with awareness to Qatar’s public and industry. We strive to pursue advancement in the world of environmentalism, and green sustainable thinking and present them to our valued patrons in the aim of serving Islamic principles of conservation and Qatar’s 2030 vision.

We will ensure that our patrons are provided the best expertise, and guidance in aiming for the highest level of environmental management in the shared knowledge of team. We provide a combined 30 year experience in environmental management, environmental compliance to Qatari regulations and waste management.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Today environmentalism and conservation have become key goals of the vision of the world of the future with strides towards resource conservation and a push for carbon reduction in the face of global warming. This has translated into Qatar's long-term strategies, such as the inclusion of environmentalism as the main pillars of Qatar's 2030 vision.

Although the top-down approach by the wise Qatari government is a commendable one, I believe that my community needs a movement to inform of the need to understand and reduce our carbon footprint and not take for granted the many gifts given to us by Allah. The Qatari people mean that we should aim to follow the tenets taught by the prophet Muhammed PBUH. Such as conservation of water, cleanliness, and not reduce the overexploitation of our natural resources.

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